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DPO As a Service


PDPA Compliance
When protecting your data and your clients' data is of the utmost importance.

DPO as a Service

DPO as a Service is a practical and cost-effective solution for organisations lacking the requisite expertise to fulfil their DPO duties under the Singapore Data Protection Act. By outsourcing DPO tasks to a virtual DPO, you get direct and fast access to expert advice and data protection law guidance.

DPO as a Service aims to reduce your compliance cost, allowing you to focus your resources on core business activities. Data loss prevention is no longer the only focus of data protection management due to the arrival of new technologies. Data Protection Officers need to be encouraged and equipped with tools for ongoing training and education so they can support businesses in an increasingly complex.Data Protection is a core strategic and legal compliance requirement and the Data Protection Officer (DPO) has a critical role to play.

Data protection laws in Singapore are promulgated under the Data Protection Act, with implementation overseen by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), an independent statutory body established under the law. The Data ProtectionAct sets forth requirements for Data Controllers to process personal data, which is defined as "any information, whether recorded in a material form or not, from which the Data Controller can identify an individual". The Data Protection Act does not apply to Data Processors.

DPO as a Service provides guidance and advice on data protection issues, including best practicesfor Data Controllers and Data Processors.


Organisations are responsible for fulfilling their data protection obligations. However, as Data Protection is a highly specialised field, organisations should not be expected to have Data Protection expertise in-house unless they process personal data on a large scale or as part of their core business activities. Data Protection should complement existingData Protection policies and Data Controllers are encouraged to make use of templates or checklists provided by the Data Protection Officer.

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