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Government Grant 

Artificial Intelligence Avartar Created by

Gov Grant
to help you to do Business Transformation
with Savings up to 80%

We are DCSC Grant Consultant

DCSC has helped more than 5000 SMEs, MNC and Public Listed Companies getting approved government funding for digital transformation.

We have numerous track records, and client testimonials who had applied for various government grants to improve their company marketing branding, technology innovation, productivity improvement, service excellence, human capital development from $30,000 up to $1,000,000 depending on the type of grants.

Do you know that your company is eligible for the Singapore Government Grants under EDG, SFA, NEA, BCA, PSG, MPA, LTA, ESG, and many more...

DCSC specializes in assisting companies with the application of government funded grants. We are committed to provide the most effective business consultancy services, business solutions, and spared no effort in helping your company to apply for the grant successfully.

Some of the Grants you may be interested in.

1. Hiring Grant for Singapore and PR, 80% to 90% up to 9 months.

2. Senior Grant $5000 per Pax for 60 years and above.

3. 3R Grants up to $1 million SGD.

4. Farming Grants up to $6 million SGD.

5. MRA Grant up to $100k.

6. Digital Marketing & Branding of $50k to $150k.

7. EDG for Software, Hardware, Automated Equipments, Automated Machineries up to $1 million SGD.

and many more...

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